ANDERSON - Reimagined

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Okay Goodie!

We have spent the last few months completely redesigning, rebuilding, and reimagining ANDERSON. The interest and feedback we got from the alpha of ANDERSON was a major factor in our decision to give ANDERSON a formal release.

A lot of the feedback we received was that the original ANDERSON was just too short. Players enjoyed the experience but simply wanted more. We hope this version fills that void.

Below are a few changes of note. We will be sharing more about the development and features in the coming weeks.


We are lucky enough to have Karl Schecht, an amazing 3D artist, join our team. He has single handedly re-done the visuals of ANDERSON, providing a AAA-Quality look to the game.


We have rebuilt ANDERSON from the ground up, fixing tons of issues and adding a whole bunch of new interactions.

  • New Puzzles

  • New and Upgraded Interactions

  • Upgraded Physics

  • Upgraded Audio Engine

Narrative / Story

The story of ANDERSON has been completed. We don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but let’s just say the game does not end in the room.

Learn more here - ANDERSON Reimagined

Play the Alpha for FREE on Steam - Anderson (Alpha)

We look forward to sharing more about ANDERSON in the coming weeks. Reach out to @AJRPGco on Twitter with any questions you may have!

Garrett HickeyVR, Anderson